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Level Up! through Mindfulness

Dr. Jackson-Dean elevates us all with her book "Level Up through Mindfulness". She does this not only by having us challenge ourselves, our thinking, and our stressors, but through encouraging and upbuilding thoughts. Part I of this 2-part collection predominantly focuses on the facts and the analytics (which the Dr. does very well). Dr. Jackson-Dean presents why we struggle as individuals: stress, negative self-talk, self-sabotage, procrastination and negative surroundings. Part II of this 2-part book series is my favorite!


Part II is soothing to the soul, as if the Dr. is providing a blanket to console your mind and heart. Personal discovery exercises are included and designed to use in conjunction with chapters contained in Part I. But even as a standalone source, Part II encourages mindfulness through the heartfelt poems, inspirational thoughts and citations. Part II demonstrates a different side of the "PenSlaying Author". Not only is she good at presenting facts (as seen in Seed to Seeds) she effectively uses her pen to build confidence through motivating words. Want to know how to start doing what it is you really like? Dr. Jackson-Dean tells you how in her chapter "Bad Ass-ery!!!" - Love IT!!! If you're looking for an encouraging book that will prompt and invigorate you to action, choose the "Level Up Through Mindfulness" series!!

Level Up Through Mindfulness

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