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       from a dream to reality...       

Original Roots Forever, a subsidiary company was founded by an African American Disabled Military Veteran and businesswoman with intensive study in herbology and holistic business leading to her receiving her MBA and Doctorate in business. 

Her interest in herbs and all things holistic began after performing research on the different additives and cancerous-causing chemicals being used in several hair and cosmetic products she had become accustomed to using. Later discovering that many were leading to uterine cancer, PCOS, and other reproductive issues in many Black women, this owner was not exempt. 

She also discovered cancer-causing chemicals in the food she ate such as preservatives, and anti-clumpers, especially in spices and seasoning. Being an avid label reader, she noticed just how many unrecognizable chemicals are in the ingredients we sprinkle and pour on our food for added taste. The bulk of them was unhealthy for human consumption. After learning all of this, to do her part in providing public safety, she started sourcing organic, all-natural consumer products.


This was the birth of her organic, all-natural product company. After earning her educational degrees she created several companies including this one which is a collection of

Luxury Brand beauty products, hair care products, cosmetics, seasoning, sauces, and other retail merchandise.

Our products are responsibly and ethnically sourced, engineered by nature all-natural, and 100% organic. No animal testing and oh so amazing for you.


As a supporter of Veteran Centric Organizations, this Disabled Veteran Owned, Black Woman Owned Business contributes to several causes and communities.  Our goal is to provide you with all-natural products along with the transparency of the journey from us to you.


Original Roots Forever is growing by leaps and bounds

and we owe it all to our faith in God and the support of our customers. 

Thank you.

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